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I get really, really sad when I hear about a friend of mine attending a for-profit university.

More often than not, these universities are scams charging way more than public, and even private non-profit institutions for a sub-par education. Accreditation at these schools ranges from good, to sketchy, to fake or non-existent. And if you decide you want to transfer to a legit school, a lot of times you’re out of luck because credits from these schools often don’t transfer. 

Although for-profit schools have notoriously low graduation rates, if you do graduate you may find yourself out of luck. Many employers strongly prefer diplomas from non-profit, accredited schools.

Worst of all, these schools target low income students, often minorities, with the promise of a fabulous job after graduation or a huge salary boost. Sadly, any job or salary boost that could be obtained with a degree from a for-profit school is overshadowed by the crippling debt, that yes, is even larger than the debt faced by alumni from public and private non-profit institutions.

The point of this rant? PLEASE DO NOT GO TO A FOR-PROFIT SCHOOL. PLEASE. Even if you are having a hard time or didn’t have the grades out of high school to get in a university, even if you are working a job, there is another way! Go to community college, find out what public institutions in your state offer online courses, go part time at a school close to you, and apply for financial aid at the institution of your choosing! 

I know recruiters for these schools seem promising. But remember, their job is to tell you what you want to hear. They often make commission for getting students to register and apply for loans! That’s something that does not happen at non-profit institutions. 

If you’re thinking about attending a for-profit school, or are attending one now I plead to you… please think about it. Do your research. Compare it to near-by non-profit schools. Be smart and don’t get scammed. 

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